Who’s Involved

Who’s Involved

Given below are a list of people who are involved with YPWC.

Our Board of Directors:

  1. Michael Boampong
  2. Adesanya, Mercy Olufunmilayo (Dr.)
  3. Mr. Daniku Alexis Dery
  4. Kwadwo Amoah
  5. Sakeena K. Bonsu
  6. Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei

Our Staff Members:

  1. Francis Koomson (Acting Executive Director)
  2. Stephen Acheampong (Development Officer)
  3. Harrison Debrah (Development Officer)
  4. Gayle Pescud (Consultant)
  5. George Boampong (Finance Officer)
  6. Matthew Nyannube Yosah (Project Co-ordinator)

Members with Special Positions:

  1. Hamida Rehman (Website Content Manager)
  2. Mehzabin Ahmed (Country Representative, Bangladesh)
  3. Renee Macdermid (Newsletter Editor)
  4. Charlene MacDonald-Cumbertbatch (Assistant Newsletter Editor)
  5. Gavaza Maluleke (Assistant Newsletter Editor)

Our Advisory Board Members:

  1. Michael Boampong
  2. Yidana Godwin
  3. Lindsay Bayham
  4. Adesanya, Mercy Olufunmilayo (Dr.)
  5. Efrain Jimenez
  6. Mr. Daniku Alexis Dery
  7. Kwadwo Amoah
  8. Sakeena K. Bonsu
  9. Rachel Mazzotta
  10. Marija Spasikova
  11. Desiree H. Young
  12. Wayne A. Bacale
  13. Ausrine Pasakarnyte
  14. Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei

Our Support Team Members:

  1. Emmanuel Duker (Supporting team member)
  2. Michael Adu
  3. Kwame Antwi
  4. Konstantinos Theodorou (Assistant Content Manager)

Our Alumni:

  1. Hana Alkhamri
  2. Augustus Okleme
  3. Shimrit Janes
  4. Matthew Walker
  5. Quimberly Hyacinth Villamer
  6. Emma Ngwu
  7. Jillian Schroeder
  8. Anasthasia Esinam Dzovor
  9. Oppong B. Stella
  10. Olukarode Ajayi-Smith
  11. Zlatimira Colova
  12. Clara Tsui
  13. Owen Ensor
  14. Pablo Torres Aguilera
  15. Dr. Lazarus Ude Eze

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