Global Citizenship and Development Education


YPWC’s Global Citizenship and Development Education embraces participatory teaching and learning methods geared towards assisting young people to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help them to make decisions on issues that affect them. Young people also learn other global development issues apart from what pertains to their national and local environment, considering our extremely interdependent world of the 21st education exposes young people to global challenges and their responsibility as young leaders of today and tomorrow. YPWC has maintained a core focus on the Millennium Development Goals and how young people can localize and operationalize these internationally agreed goals in their communities.


In this respect YPWC has created a participatory active learning platform called “YPWC Development Education Club” operating in Ghanaian Basic Schools and communities. The Clubs focus on providing children with citizenship education on thematic developmental issues such as poverty, migration, gender issues, conflict resolution and peace building, HIV/AIDS, human rights, reproductive health, climate change and environmental sustainability, and advocacy for the achievement of the overall eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals by 2015. The Development Education Clubs (DEC’s) – meet at least two times a month to engage in innovative educational activities and lessons about development and the ways it can be sustained; “Peer Up! Youth Empowering Youth!” – connect with youth internationally; Youth Volunteer Initiative – Establish or seek opportunities for youth (externally and internally) to complete community service; Cultural Education – Organizing volunteers to visit cultural centres to expand their knowledge on the host country..