Research & Capacity Building


YPWC believes that youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also the leaders of today in every community and society at large. The kinds of skills, training, and knowledge they acquire today have an impact on their lives at present and in the future, and on their ability to promote development and social change. The youth are the greatest asset of every economy because they form the active labour force in the economy. However, significant numbers of young people are challenged with low self-esteem, little knowledge on basic life issues, lack of problem-solving abilities, and low morale – all of which make these youth apathetic towards community service. Based on the adage that, “Experience is the best teacher” youth are regarded by adults as learners and incompetent in making informed decisions for change. In this regard, age often can be a barrier to participation in key issues that matter for young people’s development. However, evidence from our work in the past five years has demonstrated that young people can initiate, implement, and evaluate development interventions effectively if they are offered the needed capacity development opportunities. This is why YPWC creates various platforms for inter-generational dialogue and mutual understanding to strengthen the capacity of young people and youth organizations towards positive change. It also enhances better understanding of sustainable development policies through activities that enlightens youth and provides them with the necessary skills necessary for influencing positive change – inclusive of: Public Speaking, Time Management, Proposal Writing, Report Writing, etc.


This initiative is completed with an “inwards out” approach, meaning the staff of YPWC is first trained through these organized sessions. Ultimately, the staff will give presentations and deliver trainings based on their respective strengths and capacities.


Forums and platforms that fall in line with YPWC’s mandate supplement thematic programmes and offer opportunity to build the capacity of young people through an inclusive approach with youth leaders and other relevant stakeholders..