Volunteer Abroad Fees

One goal of Young People We Care is to keep our internship (herein also referred to as volunteer) program affordable so that more volunteers can take advantage of this great experience.  This program gives interns the chance to impact our organization and to make a difference in the life of others with the innovative ideas and skills they bring.

Program fee covers the following:


  • Airport pickup upon arrival
  • Meals-breakfast and dinner everyday
  • Arrival orientation
  • Pre departure information or debriefing
  • Transportation to project site first day
  • Accommodation
  • At least one organized visit to a tourist site in Kumasi
  • Utilities
  • Letter of recommendation and/or certificate of participation after completion of program where needed.

To keep the overall cost down, interns are responsible for obtaining various items before departure. Young People We Care will provide assistance as needed to help interns obtain the following items at their own cost:

  • Travel medical insurance (including emergency evacuation coverage)
  • Visa to Ghana
  • Required vaccinations
  • Airline ticket

Program Fees

Volunteer service can range from 2 weeks to 6 months. Program fees vary based on the length of the internship assignment. All placement programmes are $140 per week. Sometimes groups can get a discount. Please email our volunteer coordinator ( vip@ypwc.org ) to see if your group might qualify.

Length of stay Fee payable (USD)
2 weeks $280
3 weeks $420
4 weeks (1 month) $560
5 weeks $700
6 weeks $840
7 weeks $980
8 weeks (2 months) $1120
10 weeks $1400
12 weeks (3 months) $1680
16 weeks (4 months) $2240
20 weeks (5 months) $2800
24 weeks (6 months) $336


YPWC will provide a family stay accommodation. This means that interns will stay with a family as their host. Staying with a host family is very ideal and cost saving for both the intern and YPWC. The intern is able to adapt to the Ghanaian culture faster and better whilst a high level of security and safety is ensured. In a room, each intern will have a bed, pillow and bedspread of his/her own. In the home of the host family, interns have access to toilet and bath, kitchen, lounge, television, radio, electricity, water, dinning table and table sets. The intern’s health is well ensured. The cost of accommodation is part of the total program fee. In most cases, an intern is assigned to one room. Occasionally, there may be two interns per room. Matching interns to host families and pairing interns are done based on the information provided by interns in their application form and other subsequent information. The host families are consistently screened, and their information is updated on a regular basis to make sure they meet our standards and match interns’ interest.

Host families are responsible for providing breakfast and dinner every day. The foods served mainly consist of continental dishes comprising rice, chicken, beef, tea, coffee, bread, eggs, soup, potato, oaths, fruits, fish, etc. Local food that is mainly made from the above, tubers, beans and/or maize is served alongside. It is also very common for an intern to find a familiar dish in restaurants.

Drinking water:
Interns are provided with well treated water which is purchased from certified producers of hygienically bottled or bagged water.

A member of the host family is likely to assist the intern with his/her laundry and teach how to wash with hands. Learning to wash and see the sun dry your clothes with the smell of the African aroma in your clothes can be exciting.

General living:
The intern might find himself/herself washing clothes with hands, cooking and discussing politics or religion behind candlelight. These are typical Ghanaian routines. Accommodation in hostels and dormitories are organized for interns who so desire but in groups of not less than six working on similar project(s). After comparing figures and services with other programs offered by other companies /organizations and speaking with past volunteers, interns shall come to the conclusion that, our services /programs are better, well packaged, organised and affordable. Unlike others, there are no extra fees to be paid upon arrival in Ghana. Therefore, an intern does not end up spending beyond his/her planned budget.

Safety and support:
Interns should expect to have a safe and supportive organization and a host family that will provide them timely support and ensure their safety.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 will initiate the placement process. The remainder of the program fee is due 60 days prior to the internship start date.

U.S. Residents: Payments can be made via personal check, electronic bank transfer, or other online payment method.

Non-US Residents: All fees must be paid in US dollars via wire transfers, electronic bank transfer, or other online payment methods..