What is YPWC?

YPWC is a youth led and youth focused organization that is headquartered in Ghana. The organization is operated by a combination of young people (aged 10 to 35) and adult allies working on youth and development related issues worldwide. YPWC was founded in December 2005.

The mission of YPWC is to educate and inform youth on global issues; inspire them to take action; encourage youth participation in global issues; identify and build sustainable partnerships aimed at youth development; and provide young people with the tools and resources required for effective action.

Its vision is to provide a ‘youthful voice’ that represents the youth of our world. By effectively using young resourceful minds to influence the course of global policy formulation and development in a consistent and harmonized manner, YPWC seeks to address the numerous challenges facing young people today. Herein lies the main strength of YPWC – it is an organization led by young people, for young people.

Based on the philosophy of participatory learning, YPWC inspires and supports youth action by creating a platform. This allows for youth to translate their knowledge and desires into action, whilst simultaneously involving young people in decision-making regarding key developmental and global issues.
Currently YPWC core working team in Ghana works closely with a team of virtual volunteers located all over the world. In addition to these workers, there is a network of Youth Action Ambassadors who live and operate in countries outside of Ghana, such as the Philippines, Mexico, the Palestinian Territories, and Nigeria. In all about fifteen young people are currently contributing to the growth of the organization virtually whilst also impacting on their own local communities.

The organization’s on-site activities give YPWC the chance to work directly with young people through practical action projects, aimed particularly at encouraging youth participation and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The core areas targeted by YPWC’s activities and projects are:

  1. Youth Migration
  2. Millennium Development Goals
  4. Sister Schools and Youth Group Networks

In general, we educate, inspire and assist young people to take action NOW by helping design programs that empower youth and advise them on how to implement action projects successfully. Additionally, we make sure that youth or a “youthful voice” is/are present at debates or meetings on key issues of today’s global order that affect young people. We are committed to making an impact in the lives of young people and the world as a whole. By supporting YPWC, you join a team of young curious minds, working hard to make a positive difference in the world. We are trying to do something that will show to the world that young people have the power to change the world if they are given enough support..