Youth and Governance


Good governance and civic responsibility are basic ingredients for a country’s development. The key principles of good governance include transparency, accountability, and protection of rights under the rule of law, empowering vulnerable groups, as well as enhancing decentralization, participation, and access to information. Governance has a direct impact on young people’s development and their ability to influence social change.


In this respect, Young People We Care (YPWC), holds periodic youth capacity development workshops and advocacy campaigns to empower young people with the needed knowledge, skills, and tools that can enhance their capacity to demand transparency and accountability on key issues that pertains to development. This practice has been evident in YPWC’s international youth advocacy and service celebration days such as Global Youth Service Day, International Day of Youth, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, International Migrants Day, etc. YPWC again inculcates in the youth democratic values and principles for their participation in governance. This is achieved through education of the youth in principles, practices of good governance, and the promotion of their active participation in various levels – local, national and international – of decision-making.


This programme benefits from the involvement of educational institutions, religious groups, youth groups/organizations and government entities. The media, including both traditional and new media, has served as a key platform for promoting the concerns of young people in this direction..