Youth Leadership Profiles

Young people all over the world are making a difference through action projects, advocacy and other means.

At Young People We Care (YPWC) we believe that the success and the achievements of young people need to be highlighted.

Through this we hope that others are going to be inspired to ‘be the change’ that they wish to see while world leaders recognize that the youth of today are the largest untapped resources for development and peace.

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Read the Profiles of Youth Leading Change Around the World:

Prya Verma

Name: Priya Verma
Country: India
Age: 17 Years

Seventeen-year-old Priya is a student, writer, journalist, artist, innovator, scholar, environmentalist, space scientist, social worker, and state, national and international award holder in the field of environment protection from India. Her project on “Increasing underground water resources” has been recognized by the government of India and has been accepted worldwide for the conservation and preservation of precious underground water. She is a Pogo Amazing Kid Leader and a recipient of the International Eco-Hero Award, 2008. She is also a leading young actress who has worked in film and TV. Priya’s work is also recognised by the Indian Government, which conferred a National Youth Award 2007 on her. Recently she received International Diana Award 2008-09 from Mr. Gordon Brown the Hon’ Prime Minister of UK for her outstanding work. She has been awarded the life time membership award by the Nobel Prize society of scholars (NSHSS) USA. She represented India in NASA in space settlement design contest in 2009. Presently she is working on energy conservations, environment protection and aerospace programs and working for the betterment of the world. As an accredited writer, she published more than 500 articles on burning issues of the society and created awareness. She has been selected as a global change maker of the British council of India and Switzerland for the climate change programs.

Her profile is displayed in and change She is associated with many international organizations and a member of Teens of Planet Earth, USA, Advocate of Student World Assembly, USA and a team member and advisor of Conrad Foundation- Spirit of Innovation Awards in the field of environment, water, energy and aerospace explorations. Her project on energy solutions and space technology has been approved by the Concord Foundation, USA for the Spirit of Innovation Awards and is displayed on their website. She is a member of and Talented Young People Ltd, UK and her profile has been posted on their websites. During their international conference in San Antonio, Texas, Epsilon Sigma Alpha International, USA displayed her profile in an exhibit of pictures from the 12th to the 18th of July 2009 in order to recognize her work in the world.

Recently, she has received the “Luminous Ghar Ka Chirag Award” from Luminous Power Technologies in social service. She has been nominated as a member scholar of the IGGY, University of Warwick, England, UK; only 5% top scholar of world are nominated for this lifetime membership award. She is also a member and writer of TakingITGlobal, USA. Her projects on energy solutions and space technology have been displayed in the TakingITGlobal website. She is the initiator of the “Sun Theory of Explosion” appreciated by NIF, ISRO and NASA. Her idea for change on the topic “Role of science to make a better world” is also posted on the website of for public voting. Her work has been displayed in print and media many times. She is a writer of and Her articles have been published in their journal. Chandigarh Administration has honored her with State award in 2006 and 2009 for her outstanding work in the field of art, culture, literature and environment. She has been awarded Life Time Membership award by Association of British Scholars Chandigarh, British Council of India in 2010. She has also been nominated as a Global member of the Internet Society of USA and Switzerland and the member of You Think, World Bank, USA. Recently, she has been invited to become a peace ambassador by the Universal Peace Federation to promote peace and harmony in the world and to inspire youth to do good work for humanity.


What inspires you to be a young changemaker?
My love for nature always inspires me to safeguard the environment. Hence, as an environmentalist, innovator and social worker, I have been writing articles to create awareness. I have penned down more than 500 articles on burning issues.

Which project are you working on?
Underground water is one of the key earth resources. Unfortunately, this resource has been depleting at an alarming rate. It is a matter of great concern. Thus, since 2006 I am working on the project “Increasing Underground Water Resources” to highlight this issue and suggest methods of saving the underground water.

Kindly throw some light on the depletion of underground water and your project.
Water is indispensable for not only human beings, but for animals and environment as well. While writing on environment-related issues and going through various reports, I came to know about the declining level of underground water.  Due to increasing use of water for various domestic, commercial and agricultural purposes, water table of Indian states such as Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, etc. is drastically going down.  We all are talking about global warming, green house effect, pollution etc. But so far this issue has not been given due attention and therefore, today the need of water conservation is not a much discussed topic.

Scientists argue that the world will soon become a desert due to the lack of proper management of underground water resources.  In some parts of the country like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh,etc. ,it has been reported that due to the decreasing underground water level, the trees and forests have been destroyed.

Considering the gravity of the situation, I have innovated some useful techniques/ideas of rainwater harvesting to increase the underground water resources, which is useful not only to India but to the entire world.  The techniques/ideas, which I have highlighted in my project “Increasing Underground Water Resources”, have been recognized by the government of India, UNEP and other organizations worldwide. Some of the eco-friendly techniques are Funnel System, Polythene cover System, Less Water for Plants-Growing plants in sand, gravel, liquid without adding soil, Pits/ recharge well system, etc.  These techniques/ ideas are universally applicable, globally novel, cost effective, eco-friendly, and utilitarian.

I am happy to make contributions to save the earth by creating awareness in the world through my innovations.

Can you please share your success and some of the challenges you faced as a youth and development activist?
I am the first to highlight the devastating impact of the decreasing level of the underground water level in India and the world. I have succeeded in bringing this burning issue to the public notice.  And the innovated ideas that I have highlighted to safeguard the water table have been my biggest achievement.  My project was displayed in the International Project Gallery-2007 by the UNEP (Volvo adventure) at Goteburg, Sweden. Besides, the Pogo channel telecasted it on November 12, 2006 and it has been displayed in the TakingITGlobal Website. The project has been sent to UNO, UNDP, UNICEF, WB, Water aids UK, and other national and international organizations with the appeal to adopt these useful techniques to save precious water.

While working as a youth and development activist, I face a few challenges. And the foremost challenge is financial constraint. I have been working on this project since 2006 without any financial assistance from anyone. Moreover, I have been juggling my studies and other activities like social work, acting, writing, etc. It is quite difficult to balance everything.

It is only due to the family support that I am moving on in order to work for the betterment of the environment and world.

Why do you consider yourself a youth leader?
I am working for the betterment of the world and have received worldwide appreciation for my work. This apart, I have received state, national and International awards. I am a role model for youth.

What are your future plans related to this issue?        
I will continue working to conserve and preserve precious water resources through my innovations and create awareness in the world.

What message would you like give to the world?                         
My appeal to all the countries is to adopt these useful techniques to save water for the future generations and save environment and life on the earth.

What interests you in Young People We Care (YPWC)? 
It is an organization of young people where they can share and express their views on global issues and work for the betterment of the world.