YPWC’s Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

Volunteering is widely regarded as the ideal way to encourage active community integration. It gives a person the chance to build their confidence and self respect which helps them to secure the university place of their choice or to enter the employment field with a good CV.

“I’d love to see more young people taking action to help the poor and disadvantaged”– Bill Gates, Newsweek Web

All over the world many people including young people are currently volunteering and partnering with Governments, organizations and communities to take a lead in the change that they wish to see in their communities and the world at large. Volunteering for solidarity is key to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals .Volunteerism provides an opportunity for people to meet, share ideas and have fun without dwelling on divisive issues such as race and colour. This has created cross-boundary opportunities and allowed for the sharing of ideas and best practises for development. YPWC would like to invite you to be part of our international volunteer team that work with us.

Organising an overseas volunteer programme is a difficult and time-consuming task – especially when you are trying to do it during a busy year of College. YPWC offers an unrivalled package to take away all the hassle of this process, leaving prospective volunteers/interns free to concentrate on what they should be doing – learning and preparing towards enjoying their placement. YPWC makes sure that our volunteers are provided with comprehensive information in living in Ghana. We try to make your volunteer experience in Ghana a period of excitement whilst you try to make an impact on the life of people and communities.

The volunteer/internship programme will in addition to other relevant details build intern’s or volunteers capacity in the following areas: Leadership skills, proposal and report writing, training and facilitation skills. Interns/Volunteers will also be exposed to research on Migration and Development, Millenniun Development Goals and HIV/AIDs.

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Who is eligible to volunteer?

Volunteers are 18 years and older, and there is no upper age limit for participation in the YPWC International Volunteer programme. Volunteers range from undergraduate/ college students to professionals, business students, filmmakers and photographers, social workers, teachers and educators.

YPWC welcomes volunteers who may not have previous youth or community development experience. Volunteers receive all necessary orientation from YPWC so that they are able to work effectively and produce quality results on their assignments.

What do volunteers do?

In general, YPWC educates young people, inspire and assist them to take action, help design programs that empower youth and advice them on how to implement action projects successfully.

Successfully recruited volunteers  will fill up vacancies or  will support already existing officers in working on/in these sections or programmes/projects: Newsletter, Website marketing and regular updating, Proposal writing, Book Project series, Youth Migration and Development, Youth MDGs Programme, HIV/AIDS, Communication and Information Dissemination, Connecting North and South Schools/Youth Groups. YPWC staff and volunteers will work together to provide support in implementing community service projects. Volunteers are encouraged to be proactive and entrepreneurial to develop their own projects and programs that are in connection with the broad vision and mission of YPWC.

Benefits to Prospective Volunteers

Successfully recruited volunteers or intern have the opportunity of:

  • Developing a new career path or improving on their career path
  • Enhancing their job-finding network by connecting to a hidden job market
  • Having a “plus” to their CV as they can make reference to YPWC on their contribution to the development of Ghana and the world as a whole. On completion of the volunteer program participants are given an internationally recognized certificate of honor;
  • Knowing and working with youth and other interest people alike who are committed to making the world a just one;
  • Enhancing their educational experience with practical work assignments;
  • Having the chance to meet different people from all works of life through participation in action projects and also through their participation in conferences or other meetings;
  • Know much about the work of the United Nations Statement of Purpose since we are working with some of the frameworks of the UN

Duration of Placement: Placement options can be secured for not less than 2 weeks and not more than 16 weeks.

Cost of Placement: The total likely cost to volunteers and interns excluding travel costs ranges between US $600- US$ 2,200. (Note: Prices are reviewed periodically. Contact us to know about current prevailing rates or to confirm rates)

Cost Include Description:

This contribution will cover the following:

  • Airport pickup
  • Airport drop-off
  • Accommodation in a comfortable homestay setting throughout your internship
  • Project-related expenses
  • 24/7 In-country support
  • YPWC has virtual volunteer opportunities
  • Contact us at :vip@ypwc.org to find out available opportunities. Virtual Volunteering is volunteering in whole or in part from any location. Your physical presence is not required at an organisation’s premises or even a specific area and a significant amount of the volunteering is carried out through using online tools such as the internet or email or via the telephone.

Useful Information

Applications forms and guides for you to download